About FaithGlobalBack in 1988, Ginny Lin started up First American Financial & Investment Corp. as a real estate company specializing in buying and purchasing homes. Ever since Ginny acquired a real estate license, broker’s license, as well as a notary license, Faith Global Group Inc. has been thriving under her direction for over twenty-six years.

First American Financial & Investment Corp. is a company that strives to provide the best service in helping clients with all their real estate needs--from finding and selling homes to securing loans. This company envisions to help clients every step of the way with anything related to real estate, a true all-in-one company. While First American Financial & Investment Corp. specializes particularly in short sale homes and stopping foreclosures, the company is expanding their business by including commercial investments and helping investing clients from other countries obtain residence and citizenship in the United States. Lastly, First American Financial & Investment Corp. is also currently offering classes for those interested in obtaining a real estate license.

We welcome you to call our office and make an appointment to experience the best professionalism that our company has to offer you!

Our Services:

  • Real Estate Services
  • Mortgage Loan / Refinance
  • Escrow Services
  • Loan license Course
  • Real Estate License Course


關於First American Financial & Investment Corp.

Ginny Lin自1988年開始從事買賣房地產的服務,擁有房地產經紀執照及公證執照,以超過二十六年的豐富經驗為客戶提供購屋賣屋及貸款的一條龍服務,專精短賣屋、銀行屋以及各類貸款,去年擴大公司營業,加入商業投資及投資移民等服務,並開設有房地產經紀執照課程和貸款執照班,歡迎來電,我們將為您提供最專業的諮詢和服務。


  • 房地產買賣
  • 貸款
  • 信託公證
  • 貸款執照班
  • 房地產執照班